How I got started

I know how hard it is to go through life and think what I am doing every day. No matter how right or wrong it is, or no matter where you are in life. You ask yourself - Will I be okay? Will my family be okay?

There are days where challenges come up when you think you have it and then boom, it falls in your face and you want to quit. Sometimes, you get really really lucky, you have a really good day and everything is okay. Sometimes you just don't want to do anything at all and then it is so much better to just stay in bed all day and you rather dream about all the things you could be doing with your life but you don't even know where to start or what to do or even if you are good enough to do it. You know you have this inner power in your but you don't know how to release it or what it is really you can do.

This company is my heart and soul and so much more than what you think this is. It is not just a web development company. This company saved my life.

My mother told me a story. She said when I was 10 months old, I would twist the bars off the crib and run away. When she didn't see me in the crib, she would be close to having a panic attack each and think maybe there was a chance, kidnappers came and took me away. It sounded quite funny but also, my entire reality. Growing up, that was my life. I was the type of woman who needed to be free and constantly looking for a new adventure and place to belong in. I also drove my mother crazy, as you can imagine.

Growing up in Brooklyn, I never took myself or life seriously. I never felt like I belonged anywhere and was bullied a lot. Also, I never wanted to be that person that did a job just to pay bills and just wanted to enjoy my life. I was so worried about being that person, that in college, I changed my major 5 different times because I couldn't find just the right place to belong in. I first majored in computer science because I liked math and computers but I was the only girl in class with floral dresses so I changed it to multimedia computing which was creating video games and thought "eh, close but not really", then journalism because I liked to write but then I realized I like to write as a hobby, then finally ended up double majoring in fine arts and TV/Radio with a minor journalism. Still, didn't know what to do with that.

During my senior year, I went to an alumni event at my college and met a guy that worked for a really cool ad agency and invited me to his offices. I had no idea what an ad agency was. That time, I believe my job was a credentialing specialist at a medical billing company which was basically filling out insurance applications for doctors. I am so grateful for him because that day created my entire world. First 10 minutes, my first thought was "Is this work?". All I saw were a bunch of people sitting on bouncing balls, and a bunch of toys and books everywhere. Is this real? What is this place? He introduced me to different art directors, designers, and copywriters. I didn't understand at that time but I am so grateful now for what he did for me. He believed in me and supported in the inner power I didn't even know I had.

I applied to a bunch of portfolio school and got into a few. If you are interested, please check out the resource page.

Most of the schools require portfolio work.

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