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Author: Paulina Marinkovic

The Importance of Contributing to Meaningful Projects

The Importance of Contributing to Meaningful Projects

As I began my internship at Marinbcoding as a Copywriter, I was eager for the opportunity to refine my writing skills. Little did I know that this experience would be something much greater than improving my craft—it allowed me to collaborate with dedicated artists and creatives on meaningful projects. I’ve been fortunate to contribute to projects that carried purpose and left a positive impact on personal and professional growth. 

What Makes a Project ‘Meaningful’?

Meaningful projects can be defined as those that extend their impact beyond the individual and positively contribute to a larger community. These projects are characterized by core values that drive their purpose—whether it be addressing social issues, promoting inclusivity, or fostering a support system, these projects have the power to create a lasting effect. 

Stories of Impact 

As a Copywriter, my primary focus was on creating compelling content for the company, but I soon realized that my role extended beyond words on a page. During my time at Marinabcoding I had the opportunity to collaborate with other interns—both Copywriters and Illustrators alike. And while my initial expectations centered around crafting engaging narratives, the dynamic nature of my role gave me the freedom to work with fellow creatives on projects that aligned with my personal interests and goals. From advocating for mental health at the workplace to discussing the importance of sustainable fashion to investigating about the practice of Ayurveda, this internship provided me with a platform to convey my interests and experiment with different genres. 


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