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Hello, I’m Marina and I

Bring magic to websites.

I started my career as I completed a post-grad degree from Creative Circus, one of the top-rated advertising schools in the country and went to work for the top ad agencies in the world including CP+B and Deutsch.

I landed Fruit of the Loom as my first client and also won a multitude of awards included and not limited to the Cannes and Shorty awards. In addition to my corporate experience, I run my own company “” and co-founder of a computer academy called “The Creative Whiz Kids”.

In my spare time, I thrive on adventure and have tried skydiving, kayaking, boxing, and love to try different types of food.



While growing up in Brooklyn, NY, I wanted to build life where it was filled with lots of magic, joy and creativity. After graduating Brooklyn College, I had no idea what I was doing but I knew I was going to do something great. I had a friend who suggested I try going to advertising school. I applied to a bunch and decided to go to the Creative Circus, an advertising portfolio school in Georgia. I fell in love with the creative technology program where it combined Math and Art, and I learned how to create awesome stuff and be a professional about it.

In 2015, straight out of The Creative Circus. I landed an internship at an ad agency in Colorado and prevailed. I was working on clients such as fruit of the loom, Volkswagen and so on. After the internship, I moved back home to New York and landed my dream career at Deutsch. I won a bunch of awards and thought I had it all. After two years working in advertising, trying to figure out who I was and ending a 7 year relationship, I got burnt out. There was no magic and fun in my life. I was miserable. I realized this couldn’t be it. There had to be more to life.

Marinabcoding started as a way to get through it all by letting my heart and soul create magic with other brands and tell their story. As I opened the doors in 2017, I realized my purpose in my life is to create awesome stuff and share my lessons.


In the business of creating your brand as it should be, with a touch of magic





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