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Creative Storytelling: Crafting Compelling Narratives

By Paulina Marinkovic

Creative Storytelling: Crafting Compelling Narratives Storytelling is the key to the human experience—it has the ability to enrich us with intellect, bear inspiration, and reflect on our lives, our struggles, and our aspirations. Stories are not limited to any specific medium or genre. Whether in the form of classic literature, cinema, oral traditions, or digital … Continued

5 Breathing Techniques for Mind and Balance

By Arundel Stevens

5 Breathing Techniques You Can Do Anywhere to Relax and Stabilize by Arundel Stevens 1. Box Breathe How to: This meditation technique goes by many names: “box breathing,” “4×4 breaths,” and “equal breathing”; they all mean the same thing. Here’s how it works: Visualize a square box. All sides are equally spaced. Slowly release all … Continued

Self-Sabotage Unveiled: Navigating the Path to Personal Triumph

By Peyton DeMaio

Self-Sabotage Unveiled: Navigating the Path to Personal Triumph by Peyton DeMaio   Ever had that feeling you’re getting in your own way? Maybe you’re missing some key job skills like coding or marketing, or perhaps you’ve been putting off learning that foreign language. Instead of tackling these challenges, you find yourself deep into the latest … Continued

Letter to younger self: Marina Brodskaya

By Marina Brodskaya

Dear Little Marina,   You will cry a lot.    You will be angry a lot.    You will fall really hard and not want to get up a lot.   People will take advantage of you.    People will try to make you small.    You are big. You are Fierce. You are powerful. … Continued

What is mind mapping?

By Paulina Marinkovic

What is Mind Mapping? Finding ways to organize your thoughts, boost your creativity, and enhance your productivity is an ongoing process, especially in today’s fast-paced environment. One powerful tool that is essential to overcoming these challenges is mind mapping – a visual thinking tool designed to redefine the way we consume and comprehend information.  Defining … Continued

Sustainable Fashion: Ethical Shopping and Style

By Paulina Marinkovic

Sustainable Fashion: Ethical Shopping and Style   The fashion industry, influenced by an increased awareness of sustainable living and environmentally-friendly behavior, has experienced a significant shift in recent years. This change in consumer values, with a growing emphasis on eco-consciousness and ethical practices, has compelled the fashion world to reevaluate its traditional approach and adopt … Continued