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Author: Suzanna Brodskaya

A letter to myself in 20 years

In envisioning my future, I see a life that is not only financially stable but also personally fulfilling. I aspire to be in a career that not only provides a comfortable six-figure income but also aligns with my passions and interests. Two potential paths that have captured my imagination are sports management and entertainment. These fields offer a dynamic and exciting environment, combining business acumen with a love for sports or entertainment.

Career Ambitions:
One avenue I see myself exploring is a career in sports management. Working in this field would allow me to combine my business skills with my passion for sports. Whether it’s managing teams, negotiating contracts, or overseeing events, the world of sports management offers a diverse range of opportunities for growth. Similarly, a career in entertainment, perhaps as a product design manager for a major company, presents an avenue where creativity and business strategy intersect. This role would allow me to contribute to the creation of products that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:
As I progress in my career, I aim to leverage my experience and expertise to establish my own business. Building a venture from the ground up would not only be a testament to my entrepreneurial spirit but also provide the autonomy to pursue projects that align with my values and vision. This journey towards financial freedom is not just about economic success but also about personal fulfillment and the ability to make a meaningful impact.

Family Life:
Beyond my professional aspirations, family holds a central place in my vision for the future. I aspire to have a loving and supportive family with multiple children. The idea of creating a nurturing environment for my children to grow and thrive is a source of great joy. Additionally, finding a life partner who is emotionally stable and supportive is crucial in creating a harmonious family life.

Educational Pursuits:
Considering the possibility of a career change, the prospect of becoming a doctor has crossed my mind. This path would not only open doors to a respected profession but also allow me to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Pursuing a medical degree requires dedication and perseverance, qualities that align with my commitment to personal and professional growth.

Mastery of Intercommunication:
In the pursuit of a diverse and fulfilling career, mastering intercommunication is paramount. Effective communication is the key to building successful relationships, whether in the workplace or personal life. Developing this skill will not only enhance my ability to lead and collaborate but also contribute to my success in diverse environments.

Universal Music Group:
A specific goal within my professional journey is to work with Universal Music Group. Mastering intercommunication and understanding the dynamics of the music industry would be essential in contributing meaningfully to a company of such global influence. Collaborating with talented individuals and being part of a creative industry aligns with my vision for a well-rounded and satisfying career.

In conclusion, my vision for the future revolves around achieving a balance between a fulfilling career, a loving family life, and personal growth. Whether in sports management, entertainment, or even pursuing a medical profession, the key lies in aligning my choices with my passions and values. Striving for financial freedom and leveraging my skills to make a positive impact on both personal and professional fronts is at the core of my aspirations. The journey towards this vision will undoubtedly be challenging, but the rewards of a rich and purposeful life make it a pursuit worth undertaking.

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