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Author: Lee Aulder

Hey Guy, It’s Me…Hey You

Hey Guy, It’s me…

Hey You,  Well you 20 years from now. I want to tell you that I’m proud of you. I’ve proud in the ways you taken the time to calm yourself. You’ve transformed your life and became the designer of your world. I’m proud of you. I’m grateful for the time you dedicated in developing yourself, from unlearning the original programming and rewiring and reprogramming yourself with the fundamentals tools that have brought you to the place you are now. 

I want to take this time, to ask you a question. Are you happy? Look around at everything you’ve created. Are you truly happy at your core, do you feel abundant joy? If you stripped yourself of everything you’ve created, are you happy? If the answer is yes, I would say congratulations, my friend you’ve achieved our version of success. If the answer is no, I would say congratulations, my friend there is more work to be done. 

Always remember that you are the dealer at the table you’ve created. You’ve created this table to invite those who want to play the game of life with you, those who play the role of family, friends, and the passerby.  You’re role in the game as the creator is always ensure that the core values (rules) are always honored by you and other. 

Rule #1 – Live a life of integrity 

Honor your word

Be true in all things you do

Give and receive love in the art of reciprocity

Rule #2 – Live a life of authentic self expression

Know thyself

Honor thyself

Love thyself

Stay Humble

Rule #3 – Live life respectfully

Self-respect is key

Self-awareness is a must

Patience to be gentle during the hard times

Patience is a virtue. Virtue is grace. Mix them together, you’ll end up with a pretty face.

              Share from your overflow and not from your portion.

If I haven’t said it enough, I’m proud of you. There is so much more life to live, so much more that we can create, and so much joy to share.

Design with love my friend.

Love always,

39yrs old Lee Aulder

aka the founder and President of


Leading Global Media Production Company 

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