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Author: Marina Brodskaya

Letter to my young self: Arlette



Hello? Hey, Arlette.

This is 64 year old Arlette speaking to 20 year old Arlette to give you some guidance about what you should be doing.

You’re doing a great job. First of all, let me just say that because you got a lot of stuff on your plate.

But where I think you if you would do this one thing, it’ll be less stress for you because what you keep stressing out about is what your career is going to be.

Because you keep assuming that you’re supposed to have one career and you can’t figure it out.

You are a very extraordinary person. You’re not going to have just one career.

You’re going to need to do a deep dive in several areas so that you can make your, if you want to call it, career at the end work.

So you need to just go with whatever brings you joy at the moment.

And that’s the problem, that you keep going, this isn’t right, this isn’t right. I need to be doing something else.

But you at one point, dancing gave you a lot of joy, and so you just did a lot of dance, which was great.

And then singing gave you joy. You did a lot of singing. And then acting gave you a lot of joy.

You did a lot of acting. And then the one that really stumped you was bookkeeping.

And you did a lot of bookkeeping. You started a bookkeeping business, all kinds of stuff.

Then you went to designing clothing. And I think this stressed you out for a long time because you thought you were just kind of like you didn’t have focus.

But that’s not what’s going on.

What’s going on is you’re going to need all of those talents as you get older and you start creating things with those talents when you get older.

Your bookkeeping knowledge is going to help your family tremendously.

Your sense of style comes from all this stuff that you learned when you were doing your designing fabric.

I’m not fabric design, but fashion design. And I’m just telling you, it all comes together at the end.

So do like Joseph Campbell said and just follow your bliss, and I promise you it’ll all all come together at the end and you’ll be less stressed out. Okay?

That’s all I have to say right now. You’re doing a great job. Bye.

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