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Author: Marina Brodskaya

Letter to my young self: Claribel Henriquez

Dearest Claribel,

I want to tell you that you are special and offer something that no one else does to the world. 

Know this and believe it.

There have been many times that you have been met with disagreement with your point of view or standard.  Your opinion and standard are right on….for you and it doesn’t need to be what others think.  Give people space to be who they are.  Lead not with force, but by living your best life.  Follow that joy. It will lead you to so much satisfaction and happiness.  Doing the “right” thing / Being the “good girl” will not fulfill you as much as being true to yourself.  There is a way to have that and still maintain your relationships.  Listen to that inner voice when she tells you that something or someone doesn’t feel right.  Trust yourself and be kind. 

Stay tethered to leading with NO attachment to whether they take it on or not.  You have still made a difference even if it feels like you haven’t. 

Be Kind

Get people and what they value.  Don’t minimize them and what is important to them.

Practice gratitude and know that this will generate more things and moments to cherish. Appreciate your body and the miracles it can perform daily. 

Making mistakes doesn’t make you stupid or bad at something.  People learn by doing , failing and charting a new course.  Own your mistakes, grow, and work towards being better daily.   

More than anything, know that you are loved, you are perfectly, imperfect.


Claribel Henriquez


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