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Author: Marina Brodskaya

Letter to younger self: Victoria Torres Bolaños

Dear Vicky,

Hi baby girl. First of all thank you for all you do. I write to you this letter to possibly bring you some clarity. You are priceless, not for what you do, not for how you look, not for what you bring to the table, simply for being you my love. Nothing in this world lasts forever.

Not the good times or the bad. Not your heartbreak, nor the enchanting moments. Do what makes you happy without guilt or regret.

If and when these feelings do show up forgive yourself. What people say, think or even feel has nothing to do with you. Nor what you experience has anything to do with them. Say what you think and how you feel. Communication is key. Victoria you are never alone.

You always do the best you can with where your at and what you have. Forgive and set boundaries. Those who love you will get it. Those who don’t, don’t. That’s not your problem. Im really proud of you my love. And always baby girl always be unapologetically yourself. Free, self expressed, joyous, loud and Wild.

Te adoro,
Victoria Torres Bolaños

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