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Author: Paulina Marinkovic

Self-Care for Busy Schedules: Quick Practices for Wellness

Self-Care for Busy Schedules: Quick Practices for Wellness

Illustration by Marcello Burdis.


In the midst of trying to balance work, family, and personal commitments, it is easy to overlook the importance of taking a moment for ourselves. While most of us have heard about the concept of self-care, it is very common to wonder how to find time for it in our busy schedules. The good news is that self-care doesn’t have to be time-consuming. By incorporating a few quick, self-care practices into your everyday routine, you can start prioritizing your well being even in the busiest of days. 

1. Practice Mindfulness

Investing at least one minute of your time to practice mindfulness is a great way to reset in the middle of a long, busy day. Take a moment to find a quiet spot, sit in a comfortable position, and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing — inhale through your nose, counting to four, and exhale through your mouth for a count of four. 

2. Take A Walk 

It is important to take a break from sitting at your desk and mindlessly scrolling through your phone. Taking a walk, even if it’s a short stroll around the block, not only allows you to take a physical break from your long to-do list but it also refreshes your mind and boosts your energy! 

3. Express Gratitude

Expressing gratitude can be practiced in several different ways, including journaling. Investing five minutes at the beginning or end of your day to write down a few things you are grateful for is a great way to shift your mindset and focus on the positive in your life. In the long run, this daily practice will have a significant impact on your wellbeing.

4. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! 

While it’s a simple habit, staying hydrated is a fundamental aspect of self-care. Set hourly reminders to take a quick break from what you are doing and drink a glass of water. I promise it will greatly improve your overall mental and physical wellbeing!

5. Yoga and/or Stretching Exercises

Whether in the form of yoga or desk-friendly stretching exercises, moving your body after extensive periods of time spent in a cubicle is crucial to self-care. Incorporating these simple movements into your routine can alleviate physical tension and allow your body to feel relaxed and recharged after a long day.  


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