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Author: Paulina Marinkovic

The Connection Between Mental Health and Creativity

Illustration by Marcello Burdis

The Connection Between Mental Health and Creativity


The relationship between mental health and creativity is a subject of great fascination that has continuously sparked the interest of scientists, psychologists, and artists alike. The human mind and experience is complex, and this article seeks to uncover the layers of this intricate connection, exploring the parallels between mental health and creative expression. More specifically, highlighting the power of creativity in fostering positive mental well-being and how the two work together to promote growth and self-discovery.

The Science Behind Creativity

Science continues to reveal promising evidence that there is correlation between positive mental well-being and creative practices. The connection between mental health and creativity can be reflected in recent advances in neuroscience. It has since been revealed that when individuals engage in creative activities, the brain responds by fostering new neural connections and neurons, enhancing cognitive flexibility, and improving mental agility. Moreover, creative “flow” states, characterized by intense focus and enjoyment, promotes positive mental health. Creative practices, such as painting or drawing, often require long periods of concentration which have proven to ease psychological stresses. 

Creativity as a Therapeutic Outlet

Creativity serves as a therapeutic outlet — it is a safe and constructive way for us to navigate and express our thoughts and emotions. Engaging in creative activities, whether in the form of art, music, or  writing, allows individuals to unpack these complex experiences, fostering a space for self-discovery, healing, and growth. Sometimes it is easier to write your feelings down on paper rather than saying them out loud. Creativity then serves as an effective and positive coping mechanism, allowing us to focus on creative expression while releasing any negativity we have been holding onto. 


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