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Author: Peyton DeMaio

Letter to Myself in 20 Years

Hey Me,

How’s it going on your end? Remember those days of uncertainty? Well, here we are, a bit older and, hopefully, a bit wiser. I’m writing to you from a time when the path ahead seems both exciting and a little daunting.

I hope life has treated you well and that you’ve tackled challenges with the same resilience that got us through the ups and downs of our twenties. Did you chase those dreams we’re so passionate about? I hope they’ve become a reality or maybe even evolved into something even more amazing.

Take a moment to appreciate the people around you—the friends who laughed with you, the family who stood by you. People change and relationships falter, so I hope every once in a while, you really take in the moment.

Whatever you’re doing, I hope it’s with purpose and a sense of fulfillment. Life moves fast, but don’t forget to savor the journey. Reflect on the moments that made you smile, the lessons that made you stronger, and the experiences that shaped you.

Here’s to you, living a life that makes us both proud.

Don’t get arrested!


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