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Author: Arundel Stevens

Understanding Anxiety

Understanding and Coping with Anxiety in the Workplace

by Arundel Stevens

Anxiety in the workplace by Tra Mi Do

Though many people associate anxiety with a debilitating mental disorder, anxiety affects everyone in various ways. The workplace is an environment that may provide certain triggers for people struggling with anxiety. Strict deadlines, intense hours, and overwhelming schedules are common sources of workplace anxiety. 

However, through self-reflection and careful tracking, it is easy to recognize the origins of this stress and work to resolve it. Defining a direct source is the first step to any stress management. If an activity or assignment creates stress, taking note of that anxiety can help determine the origin and make it easier to identify a solution.

Poor time management is a primary source of workplace stress for many people. Practicing time management strategies, like creating daily schedules, managing to-do lists, and setting priorities and realistic goals, can all contribute to a healthier, stress-free workplace. Acknowledging personal health, even in a work environment, is also essential. Anxiety often reflects deeper issues related to self-care. Emphasizing a healthy diet, active routine, and regular meditation can help relieve mental blocks and improve productivity in the workplace. 

Additionally, modern work settings often require employees to utilize technology for extensive periods of time and sit at desks for hours on end. Often, anxiety and stress can be rooted in pent-up energy. Getting up, stretching, and taking a break from screens can relieve stress and help restore efficiency. 



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