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Author: Arundel Stevens

Why are morning routines important?

Have you ever heard the saying, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day? The expression is popular for a reason, and not just because waffles are great, but also because morning routines like a regular breakfast can have long-lasting results in your life! Adapting morning routines can improve your mental focus as you move through the day and help you prioritize tasks that, otherwise, might slip through the cracks!

Why morning routines matter


There’s a psychological element to morning routines. For me, my entire day will be ruined if I forget my morning coffee. Sitting down with a hot cup of coffee and listening to relaxing music right after I wake up may not seem to have huge implications for my day, but it leaves me feeling comfortable and relaxed. There is also a sense of accomplishment that comes with routine! I feel better about myself when I know I have marked one thing off my to-do list for the day. All these responses to a regular routine help the rest of my day go more smoothly, and after spending time doing something for myself, I feel prepared to focus on other things as the day progresses.

Time Management

For most people, once the day gets started, it feels like it never stops going. You get into a flow of completing task after task, and suddenly the reminders of new errands and responsibilities keep you occupied all day long. Suddenly, it’s 9 P.M., and you haven’t had a chance to meditate or journal or read a chapter in that book you still haven’t started. Restructuring your day so you complete one routine task every morning can free up more time, and make sure you accomplish something right after waking up!

Ideas for morning routines

Have a Drink!

Earlier, I mentioned that I like starting the day with a hot cup of coffee! If you aren’t a coffee drinker, try hot tea, or cocoa, or a smoothie! None of those options sound good? Just drink some ice water (it’s healthier anyway)! Allow yourself to sit and sip on a beverage of your choice and savor the peace of the moment.

Work out

If you ever find yourself wondering how people have time to make it to the gym several times a week, I have the answer. Wake up an hour earlier than usual and go for a jog! It will make you feel more active and wake up your brain and body for a productive day. Working out in the morning might not sound like the most fun option, but it allows you to start the day with a healthy and important task that you might not have time for otherwise!


Self-care is very important in anyone’s schedule, and prioritizing your own mental wellness at the beginning of each day can improve your overall peace and mental health. Breathing exercises, journaling, and yoga are all good options for anyone trying to decide on a morning routine. 

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